Each act performed three acoustic tracks and we captured the magic on film.
The history of British music is part of The Old Vinyl Factory’s DNA. This was home to one of Britain’s first recording studios with hundreds of artists travelling from all over the world to make records there in the first half of the 20th century. Thousands of classic albums including every album by The Beatles were mastered and pressed here.
So, inspired by the buildings important past in the British music industry, we invited established acts like KT Tunstall and James McCartney alongside talented, emerging artists to perform acoustically in The Cabinet Building. Each act performed three acoustic tracks and we captured the magic on film.
Sabiyha sings 'The Willow That Weeps For Me' within the vast, stripped-out space of The Cabinet Building.
The Cold One Hundred – full-blooded literate English pop set against The Old Vinyl Factory's stunning surrounds.
The History
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